Chhip Foods


Chhipa Food is Having most modern Rice Processing Units in Hyderabad Pakistan  having complete Processing units with a capcity of 10 M.Tons Per hour  having most modern Rice Machines, Pre cleaner from china, Capcity 10 Tons Per hour De-stoner from china with a capacity of 10 M.Tons per hour ,  Paddy Separators from china with a capacity of 10 M.Tons Per Hour, Rells  to remove round grain with a capacity of 10 M.Tons Per Hours, NF Polishers from China , Silky Polishers the Best Polishers in our Rice Mills and our Polishing is as per International standard and our Silky Results  are like pearl Grains, SHIFTER machine is main element of processing to control Broken Percentage and the capacity is 10 M.Tons per hour,  Length Graders to controll Broken Rice , COLOR SORTER Machines , A Top Quality Machine with a capacity of 10 M.Tons Per hour. This  machine is in top line of our Processing unit, COLOR SORTER machine totally control yellow grain, black grain, stones, particles, Paddy from ready rice . Big Tank where we store Ready Rice , Electronic Scales for 100% Perfect Measurement . our own BIG WEIGHING scale for final weight of loaded containers for our  Buyers satisfaction.

Following is a chart of rice processing :

Pre-cleaning Process :
This machine is used to remove all the powdered substances, dust and other unhygienic substances from the raw rice in powderd shape.

This machine is used to remove all stones & metals from Rice and to clean the rice from all forien particles.

Paddy Seperator :
The rice after husking process still contains paddy. It is given special sideway motions as it rolls down towards the lower front end of the separating trays. This separates the rice from the paddy .

This Machines Used to remove Fat & round Grain from Long Grain Rice as these round shape rice looks Bad in Long grain Rice.

Rice Polisher :
In this cleaning process, the Rice Polishing Machine NF-14 separates the white powder and dust from the raw rice. All sorts of dust and other harmful materials are removed from rice. And each grain of rice appears whiter as compared to the raw rice.

Silky Rice Polisher :
In this process the Silky Polisher uses a combined process of water sprays which later is passed through driers, this process gives a shine to the rice and in a much better color then the raw rice. 

This machies used to remove or controll Broken Percentage in Rice Processing.

Length Grader :
In the length grading process, at first the machines separates the broken & pinpoint, and maintains the percentage of broken raw rice. We make sure that the each grain of rice delivered to our customers is of the highest quality, and every grain is ensured to retain one size.

Color Sortex :
There are various colored grains in raw rice, this machine helps during the processing cycle to maintain the quality. Here in this process, all discolored grains (such as red & yellow) are removed and finally the result is a pure shinny white rice.

Weighing Scale :
electronic  weighing scales and our own big weighing scale for final weight of loaded containers for our buyer's Satisacation.